Vanessa Rossetto is a composer, violist and visual artist living in Austin, Texas. She uses primarily chamber instrumentation, field recordings, electronics and a wide array of different objects, exploring them through extended and traditional techniques and other methods of her own devising. Trained as a painter, she seeks the same result in both her visual and sound work: the exposition of overlooked narratives. In 2008, she launched her own CD-R label, Music Appreciation. Through this imprint she has released four solo albums: Misafridal (2008), Imperial Brick (2008), Whoreson in the Wilderness (2008)and the FILE Festival-honored Dogs in English Porcelain (2009). In 2009, she participated in the Recreating the Domain project which was named an Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Critic's Pick and was nominated for Best Public Art in the Austin Critics' Table 2009 awards. Her 2010 cassette release, PDD-NOS, was described by Byron Coley in The Wire as sounding like "being under attack from slow-moving dune worms." In November 2010, Graham Lambkin's Kye Records released the 12" LP Mineral Orange. In September 2011 she performed a duo set with Lambkin at Amplify 11 in New York City. Her second LP for Kye, Exotic Exit, was released in September 2012 and Temperament as Waveform, a collaboration with Manchester based artist Lee Patterson, will be released in January 2013 by Another Timbre.

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